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Learn about Israel

Learn about Israel

Israel is a small country that offers a wide array of landscapes, cultures and experiences, all close to CCI’s center in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a modern, bustling city with beautiful beaches and an exciting nightlife. 

CCI’s CELTA center is in Tel Aviv, a large, safe city with crime rates below those of major cities in other countries. Getting to and from CCI's CELTA center is quick and easy thanks to our convenient location near Tel Aviv's Ha Shalom Train Station. 


In a country where it takes fewer than six hours to drive from the north to the southernmost tip, you’ll be able to visit important historical, cultural and religious sites easily. Visiting Israel can provide great insight into major religions of the world, as well as Middle Eastern culture and cuisine.

Photos courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism; left: Noam Chen; right: Itamar Grinberg

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a lively, cosmopolitan, sun-drenched city on the coast of the Mediterranean. It the second-largest city in Israel and has all the benefits of any large city, including world class restaurants, quaint cafes and a bustling nightlife. And all of this comes with residents who know how to take advantage of good weather and all aspects of life.

CCI’s CELTA center is located at walking distance from Sarona complex, right in the heart of the city! Our neighborhood has everything you need during your stay, including amazing restaurants and cafes, some of the best parks you'll ever wander through and excellent public transportation connections. It's a great location to help reduce your stress and lighten your mood before and after each CELTA session.


If you have a few hours to spare after teaching a lesson or turning in an assignment on your CELTA course, consider going further afield in the Tel Aviv area. If you like going for walks, plan your time so that you can become enthralled in history and culture as you roam the cobbled streets of Jaffa. If you'd rather spend your time indoors, Tel Aviv's collection of world-class museums, including the renowned Diaspora Museum are well worth a visit. A nap on Gordon-Frishman Beach or a bike ride along the Tayelet (Tel Aviv's seaside boardwalk) will help you get acquainted with Tel Aviv's fun-loving atmosphere and make your CELTA experience unforgettable.

Left photo by Jackie Hadel; right photo courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism



About an hour away from CCI's CELTA center in Tel Aviv by public transportation or by car, Jerusalem is Israel's largest city, the cultural heart of the country, and the spiritual center of all Judaism.


Holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jerusalem's Old City is one of the world's foremost pilgrimage destinations. It's a sensory and spiritual experience unlike any other. You can walk the streets of Jerusalem's old city and smell everything from church incense to the heady aroma of spices from the Shuk (market) - and all of this is with the soundtrack of church bells, the muezzin's call and the shofar's horn in the background.


There's plenty to see outside the Old City in Jerusalem too, including the hugely impressive Israel Museum and the powerful Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. The multitude of cultures, religions, and sites paying tribute to both ancient and modern history make Jerusalem the number-one tourist destination in Israel for very good reason.

Photos by Noam Chen, courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism


A port city with a rich history, Haifa is about an hour and a half from CCI's CELTA center in Tel Aviv by public transportation and just over an hour away by car. Israel’s third largest city and one of its prettiest, Haifa has a lot to offer visitors. It has the country’s largest port, a particularly active beach and is the home of the World Center of the Baha'i Faith. Surrounded by abundant nature sites, the city contains an interesting mix of modern neighborhoods and older districts; churches and mosques; mountain and sea. 


Israel’s north coast is a tranquil stretch of the Mediterranean punctuated with old farms, quaint seaside towns and historic sites. The principal settlement is Haifa, a mixed Jewish-Arab city that often surprises visitors with its openness and tolerance. Haifa has stunning views, a wealth of museums and the magnificent Baha’i Gardens. Redevelopment in recent years has created a new thriving nightlife and arts scene.


Haifa is the starting point for a journey north to the historic port of Akko and the luminous sea grottoes of Rosh HaNikra. After your intensive CCI CELTA course and travels around Israel, take some time to chill out on the beaches around Nahariya and Akhziv.

Photos by Noam Chen, courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

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Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva (sometimes spelled "Beersheba" or "Beer Sheva") was once a sleepy desert town in southern Israel, but is now a blossoming city thanks to a tech boom. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes from CCI's CELTA center in Tel Aviv by public transportation and just over an hour away by car. Comfortable train rides link Be'er Sheva city to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Naharia and more with hourly departures.

Like Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva was once much smaller but has become a modern, cosmopolitan city with many options, as well as new skyscrapers to the delight of residents. And yet, Be'er Sheva keeps its exotic desert vibe as it remains the gateway to the Negev and the deep desert.

Despite all that Be'er Sheva has to offer, this city in the desert is still virtually unknown to most travelers. Its hidden canyons, vast expanses, clear blue skies, and stark cliffs are off the beaten track and provide a worthy challenge to those seeking adventure and thrills.

Since there is no shortage of land in the desert, Be'er Sheva is quite spread out by Israeli standards. The old Turkish quarter makes up the majority of the downtown area. Some of its streets feature tribal attractions, which are worth a visit, including Rahat, Hura and Laqiya.

Photos courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

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With hotels, beaches and spas on the Red Sea, Eilat is the ultimate resort city of Israel. It is frequented by Israelis as well as tourists from around the world and is a great place to get some rest, relaxation and restoration after doing your CELTA course in Tel Aviv. Located at the southernmost point of Israel, it takes longer to get to than other cities, and the most out of the way. The journey to Eilat takes around three and a half hours by car or about six and a half hours by pubic transportation from CCI's CELTA center in Tel Aviv. 


The secret to the city's charm lies in its location at the northern end of the Bay of Eilat. The combination of a hot climate, a tropical sea and the breathtaking background of the wild Granite Mountains make it a year-round tourist gem.

The bay is one of the major attractions thanks to the beautiful beaches, the wealth of water sports available and some of the best diving spots in the world. Eilat’s many and varied restaurants suit all tastes, and there are also clubs, colorful shops and great spots to walk along the water. The promenade along the northern shore of the bay is a particularly beautiful spot to walk, run or visit vibrant bazaars during the summer. Eilat is a great jumping-off point for trips in the region such as camel treks, jeep tours and more.

Photos by Dafna Tal, courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

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Tzfat (sometimes spelled "Tsefat" or "Safed") is a historical town with a large artist colony less than two hours north of CCI's CELTA center in Tel Aviv by car. A visit to Tzfat - with its magnificent mountaintop setting and fresh, clean mountain air - is a heavenly experience. Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel and has been a spiritual center since the 1600s when it was the center of Kabbala (Jewish mysticism).

This ancient city is high above sea level and commands a breathtaking view of the Galilee with its green mountains and the white snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon. Tzfat is a picturesque city with an atmosphere shrouded in a combination of history, religion and mysticism. Visitors can practically feel the city embrace them as they wander through its alleyways and past charming stone houses with their artists’ studios and workshops. 


Aside from its artistic and mystic tendencies, Tzfat also has a combination of historic museums, luxurious hotels and a large Crusader-era fortress. Tzfat also hosts numerous festivals that are rich in color and atmosphere, as is the city itself. Whether you are an artist, rabbi or tourist and whether you are interested in culture, religion, mysticism or history, you will find what you are looking for in Tzfat.

Photos courtesy of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism; right photo by Dafna Tal

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