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Give your students the best English learning experience with the Cambridge CELTA

A course for new and experienced teachers

The CELTA helps teachers develop regardless of their starting point. For new teachers, the CELTA provides the skills you need in the classroom on your first day of classes. For more experienced teachers, the CELTA provides deeper knowledge of methodology and improved practice of English language teaching. 

After the course, you will be prepared to continue this progress into your future career. Each trainee leaves the course with a personalized list of recommendations to improve their teaching. They are also trained in noticing areas to develop in their own planning and teaching and coming up with their own plan of action.

New and experienced teachers work together on the Cambridge CELTA course
New and experienced teachers

Theory and practice

The CELTA is a unique blend of methodology and practical teaching experience, which has been championed by Cambridge University. 

The teaching methodology studied on the CELTA is that of an eclectic communicative approach. This means that the heart of our methodology is getting learners to experience and use English in the classroom so they'll be ready to use it outside of class. You will learn about the communicative approach in your course reading, input sessions and while working on your written assignments.

In addition to learning teaching theory, you will also learn about teaching in practice. Throughout the course there are sessions about how to plan different lesson types, how to adjust your teaching plan to deal with student questions, and how to use common tools, techniques and activities for the language classroom.

Each CELTA graduate leaves the course with an arsenal of engaging activity and lesson ideas they can put into practice immediately, as well as with the theoretical knowledge to back them up.

Theory and practice

Experiential learning

One of the things that makes the CELTA unique is that you will learn about communicative language teaching and you will also get to experience it. 

From the very first day of the course, you'll be exposed to the interactive, learner-centered type of lessons you will be expected to teach on the course. The workshops you'll participate in every day are led in an engaging, communicative way by expert teachers so that each course participant knows what it feels like to be in a communicative classroom. 

Throughout the CELTA course, you'll teach lessons and observe your peers teach as well. After each day's lessons, there will be a feedback session led by a qualified Cambridge CELTA teacher trainer. They will point out the successes and the areas that need work, so that each success can be repeated and action points can be improved on in future lessons. 

This process of observing experienced teachers, planning and teaching your own lessons, and receiving personalized, expert feedback is what creates CELTA graduates who are confident and competent in front of a class.

Qualified Israeli teacher writes on whiteboard

Photo by Ifaa Amit

Experiential learning
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