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Choose the only English language teaching certificate from Cambridge University

Experts in English Language Teaching

CCI English was founded by teachers and teacher trainers with the goal of providing the highest quality . All of our teacher training staff has experience teaching English in multiple countries, at different types of schools, to various ages and in different programs. They also all have experience in educational management, teacher training and presenting at conferences worldwide. 

When you take the CELTA with CCI English, you gain access to information and expertise from teacher trainers that have trained English teachers all around the world. Whether you want to know about teaching young learners in Israel, teaching adults in Vietnam, instructing corporate executives in Prague, or teacher training in Kiev, you will find the right person to talk to at CCI English.  

Svitlana Bulkina, Amir Landa & Christina Kaku, founders of CCI English
Experts in English language teaching

High-quality training

We specialize in providing the best training in the English language teaching (ELT) field. To this end, we are accredited by Cambridge English (a department the University of Cambridge), to offer the Cambridge CELTA course. 

The CELTA is the gold standard of TEFL/TESOL certificates around the world, which is largely due to it originating at Cambridge University, the consistently updated and modernized syllabus, and the decades of impactful teacher training in over 70 countries.


Every graduate on a CCI CELTA course receives a certificate printed and accredited by Cambridge English and joins the highest ranks of ELT certified professionals. 

High-quality training

A practical course

One of the features that set the CELTA apart from other certificate courses is that it is a practical course. Each workshop and assignment is based on a situation you will encounter in the English language teaching industry.

Additionally, you will have a chance to teach real English language learners on the course. After each lesson, you will receive expert feedback from CCI's teacher training team telling you what went well in the lesson and how to improve.


This process of planning a lesson, delivering it, and receiving expert feedback makes the CELTA an extremely effective course. People who have never taught a lesson in their life find themselves able to help others learn English in as little as four weeks, while experienced teachers come away from the course with sharpened skills and the most up to date teaching methods.

New Englis teachers brainstorming lesson ideas
A practical course

Study in comfort

CCI English prides itself on having modern, professional and comfortable facilities in all of its locations. Whether you take intensive courses in Chisinau, night classes in Jerusalem or a full-time course in Tel Aviv, you will be in an ideal atmosphere for studying.

As a course participant, you will have access to well-lit classrooms with large boards on which to write and present material, comfortable seating and plenty of space, as well as areas where you can eat, relax and study.

Photo by Ifaa Amit

Relaxing atmosphere
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